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12V 900W Pro-Wave Pure Sine Wave Inverter                                        Inverters


Power inverters are ideal for camping.  They give you the power you need to run your electrical devices anywhere in Australia.  Inverters give you the capability to run any household appliance such as heaters, kettles, microwaves, fridges, tv's and much more when there is no mains power available.


Modified sine wave Inverters are suitable if you only want to run basic appliances such as fans, lights and power tools.


A Pure Sine Wave Inverter produces a unique sine wave, ensuring a smoother, more efficient running of household appliances and is ideal for sensitive devices such as laptops.


It is important to know what size appliances you will be running off your inverter.  Inverters comes in wide range of sizes starting as small as 150w and going upwards to 6000w.  You will need to roughly double the size of the draw you will be placing on the inverter for it to run efficiently and prevent the blowing of fuses.


Inverters have two ratings.  The continuous rating denotes what draw can be placed on the inverter for a long period of time while the peak rating is the maximum load an inverter can handle for a short period of time. The peak rating is usually around double the continuous rating and allows appliances that require an initial burst of energy, such as fridges to start up before settling into their continuous rating.


You will need to make sure that your battery is the correct size. Different batteries have different maximum draw currents that they can sustain without damaging the battery. For AGM batteries, the maximum current draw is 30% of their total capacity, while gel batteries use 25% and for wet or flooded cell batteries, it’s 10%.


Please remember that inverters draw from batteries if they are left turned on, even if there is no appliance plugged in, which can leave you with a flat battery.

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