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LED GLOBESPear 7W LED Globe / Warm White - 11757


An LED globe is a solid-state lamp that uses lighting-emitting diodes (LED's) as the source of light. LED globes offer long service life and high energy efficiency, but initial costs are higher than those of fluorescent and incandescent, although the cost of them is getting better.


LED globes are made with bases directly interchangeable with those of incandescent bulbs for example, Edison Screw (ES) and Bayonet Cap (BC).  Since the luminous efficacy (amount of visible light produced per unit of electrical power input) varies widely between LED and incandescent globes, globes are usefully marked with their lumen output to allow comparison with other types of globes.

Light-emitting diodes direct current (DC) electrical power. To use them on AC power they are operated with internal or external rectifier circuits that provide a regulated current output at low voltage. LED’s are degraded or damaged by operating at high temperatures, so LED lamps typically include heat dissipation elements such as heat sinks and cooling fins.


LED’s are available in a variety of colour temperatures (kelvins).  The most common are as follows:


  • Warm White (3000k)—provides a soft warmer light comparable to light provided by traditional incandescent light bulbs.
  • Cool White (4000k)—provides neutral light comparable to office lighting.
  • Daylight (6000k)—similar to outdoor light, comparable to midday lighting conditions.




Globes are now starting to become available as a tri-colour.  They have a three position switch and you can choose between Warm, cool or daylight.  LED globes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the application.


When it comes to switching over to LED lighting from halogen or Fluorescent, there is absolutely no benefit in delaying.  We, as rational consumers, need to be able to look past the initially high upfront costs of LED lighting and weigh it up against the long-term savings and this should be an easy decision with the constantly rising electricity prices.


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