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                                                LED Strip Light

LED strip can light up almost any area.  It gives great coverage and is cost effective.  It can be used in the home, garden, shed, boat, caravan and car.

LED strip comes in a variety of options depending on the application.  When choosing your strip, you need to consider the following:

  • Brightness
  • Colour
  • Environment
  • Channel/Profile


LED strip comes in a variety of wattages and colours.  It is important to get this correct to achieve the look and feel you require.  If you are looking for an ambient subtle touch you will need a lower wattage LED strip around 5 watts per metre and in a warm colour (3000k).  If you are using the LED strip as task lighting a higher wattage of around 10w and upwards will be needed and with a higher colour temperature of cool white (4000k) or Daylight (6000k).



The IP rating (waterproof) of the LED strip is also very important. IP20 means that the LED strip is in no way waterproof or dustproof.  IP65 means that the LED strip is protected against water sprays from all angles.  Click here to see the IP Rating Chart

Heat Sinks/Channel

LED channel (profile) or aluminium heat sink is very important when installing your LED strip.  The channel finishes off the look and the heat sink will disperse any heat generated from the LED’s.  Most manufacturers will not warrant LED strip unless it is mounted on the heat sink.  The channel also acts as a heat sink so if you are not using a channel then you will need an aluminium heat sink.



LED Drivers

LED strip usually comes in 5 metres rolls, but it is cuttable.  The maximum length you can run is 5 metres due to voltage drop.  LED strip is low voltage which drops throughout the length of the strip causing the LED’s to dull at the end.  There are ways around running longer lengths by running two strips off the same LED driver or powering from both ends of the strip. 


LED strip is usually 12V DC or 24V DC.  If you are running the strip on 240V AC, you will need an LED Driver which must be 12v or 24v according to your strip.  It is very important that you use the correct driver according to the wattage of your LED strip.   You need to work out the total wattage of the strip you are running and add at least 10%, this will ensure the LED driver is not overworked and burn out too quickly.  For example, if you are running 5 metres of 14.4w this equals to 72w and there are 72w and 75w LED Drivers available, but these will not work for long.  A 100w driver will work best.



There are many brands of LED strips on the market.  Strip light can be expensive but if you are after a good quality strip then be prepared to pay more for it.  The cheaper brands on the market don’t last as long and the LED’s and drivers can fail quickly.


We recommend the following brands.











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